The sugar cube house

by The District PHX Jul 2, 2020 Insider


Welcome to the Sugar Cube House, as we call it, at 4302 North 20th street just South of the  Biltmore area. We gave this house a fresh coat of white paint. Hence the name "Sugar Cube House." The crisp white of the exterior runs throughout the interior walls pairing perfectly with the engineered wood flooring and large baseboards. As you walk into the kitchen, you see we built custom upper cabinets as well as open concept shelving. The skylight does a wonderful job of flooding the space with natural light. The use of light is common feature we purposefully used in this house by accentuating all the windows and the skylights. The Sugar Cube is a small house, no doubt about it, but it's a wonderful example of how intentional uses of light, color and texture maximize the room you have. We, we managed to integrate a stackable washer, dryer unit for ease of access to follow the trend of utilizing the space intentionally. Another great example is the glass wall we used for the shower, almost as the floor, but, not quite. We put a lot of time and effort into this home and are incredibly proud of the result. To see more of our feature properties, feel free to hit us up on our website at the

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