Get to know us

by The District PHX Mar 11, 2020

Get to know us

We Are The District PHX

Who are we? We're your neighbors. We're people who love the historic homes and neighborhoods that make Central Phoenix a great place to live.

We're passionate about keeping this neighborhood vibrant. That's why we focus our business right here. Together with a team of like-minded investors, we rehab and revitalize these charming homes.

We're not traditional real estate agents, so when we offer to buy a local home, we can make it easier than you've ever imagined. Flexible closing dates, no inspections or appraisals, no realtor fees and no closing costs for you to pay. 

We are here to help homeowners who need or want to sell their home quickly, regardless of the reason. At the same time, we help your neighbors protect their most important asset, their home, by revitalizing or rebuilding your property completely in harmony with the existing neighborhood.

How we do it? We understand that selling a home can be overwhelming at times. Our goal is to simplify the process of selling your home to make a cumbersome exercise effective and convenient. We have seven easy steps from our first conversation to closing:

  1. WE CONNECT: A quick phone call helps us determine if we’re a good fit for each other.
  2. WE MEET: We’ll gather some information on the property, schedule a walk through, solidify a timeline and establish some expectations.
  3. WE CREATE: Next up, we create and present an offer. Then we answer your questions about it. (Sometimes this even happens during our first onsite meeting, but not always.)
  4. WE AGREE: Once we’ve got an offer we both like, you sign the contract and the title company starts ordering the necessary documents.
  5. WE DO OUR PART: We work with contractors and finance partners to prepare for closing.
  6. WE SIGN: You visit the title company to sign the final document.
  7. WE CLOSE: Once the title company receives funds, the sale is recorded. Proceeds (that’s your money!) are usually available the same or next business day.

Bottom line is we make real estate real easy!

We are the District PHX, and we're building a legacy for ourselves, our families, and our neighborhood.



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