8th Street house

by The District PHX May 21, 2020

8th Street house

At the District PHX, our passion is taking forgotten homes and making them something special again by bringing back the charm they originally had. We came across a diamond in the rough nestled in the Coronado historic district. We were immediately drawn to this home and wanted to make sure that we had the opportunity to bring new life to a home that might otherwise be overlooked. We started with the fundamentals; we ran new electrical throughout the property and new plumbing. When you work with older homes, this one for example was built in 1925, you immediately notice their personality. As soon as you walk through the door, this small home packs a big punch of personality with beautiful hardwood floors. More amazing still, the hardwood floors were the original pinewood floors from 1925! The large casings, baseboards, and wood accents throughout really give you a sense of the care and craftsmanship that went into building this home. It took four restoration specialists ten days to strip off paint, old stain, and almost one hundred years of nail holes to uncover the crown jewel of this home.

We did the same with the kitchen cabinets by stripping up all the old paint, the hardware, down to the last nail and sandblasted them. We used original knobs and hardware wherever we could salvage it. We really tried to honor the home by keeping it what it already is, a beautiful well-made home. You know, we actually poured the concrete counter top ourselves! We wanted to restore this home to its original charm, but we also wanted to put a little stamp on there for the next generation to see. We took this bathroom and removed all the subway tiles, sandblasted the existing brick, and put a huge piece of tempered glass over top. That really gives it a tremendous amount of unexpected pop that, hopefully, the next generation sees as part of the charm of this home. I truly believe we gave a great product back to the community in Coronado. 

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